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Stolen Jesus by Jami Amerine

About the Book

If you've ever felt confused by the conflicting representations of Jesus you've encountered in the world, you're invited to join Jami Amerine's quest to release all the wrong ideas and get to know your Savior as He really is—bewildering grace and all.

“Thank God for honest authors like Jami Amerine who are brave enough to write about life as it is.”
Paul Ellis, author of Stuff Jesus Never Said
“As I set this book down (after reading it in a single day), I realized what a gift I was holding. I’ve cried, laughed, smiled, and sighed with Jami through these pages. The real Jesus—the Jesus who I want my children to grow up with—He is right here. He is good. He is grace. He is everything.”
Mary Younkin, author of The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook
“Jami Amerine will take you by surprise. She’ll say what no one else is willing to say, reveal what no one else is willing to reveal, and do it in a manner that is self-deprecating, completely authentic, and emotionally real. Prepare yourself for an adventure.”
Jan Greenwood, author of Women at War
Stolen Jesus will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement one minute and wiping away tears the next. Searching is good, questioning is good, but know that there are answers and Jami’s book will help you find them. You’ll come away wanting to know the Real Jesus.”
Kate Battistelli, author of Growing Great Kids
Jami Amerine

About Jami

Banned from the Mormon church as a child, Jami Amerine spent much of her life trying to reconcile every notion of Christ imaginable. Despite run-ins with Fifth-Grade Jesus, Michigan Jesus, High School Jesus, and a large cast of other characters, Jami eventually found her way back to Real Jesus on a hilarious and heartfelt journey. She is the author of the popular blog Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors.

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