Seeing Green by Tilly Dillehay

Revealing Your Green Side

  • Appearance

    Envy of Appearance

    valuing outward appearance and physical beauty

  • Influence

    Envy of Character

    valuing a magnetic personality, charm, and influence

  • Intellect

    Envy of Intellect

    valuing the attainment of knowledge and intelligence

  • Options

    Envy of Options

    valuing the opportunities that money and material wealth provides

  • Creativity

    Envy of Creativity

    valuing the ability to create meaningful expression through art

  • Control

    Envy of Control

    valuing order, organization, competence, and the appearance of being in complete control

  • Relationship

    Envy of Relationship

    valuing the ability to develop and maintain close and secure relationships with others

Seeing Green by Tilly Dillehay

Seeing Green

How do you feel when someone else receives the very thing you desire? When your best friend gets engaged or your coworker gets promoted. You say you're happy, but you feel a heart sting. That sting is envy. Now imagine if your first response was joy…

Seeing Green uncovers seven common sources of envy and changes the way you think about God's glory. Learn to rejoice with others, experience greater contentment, and discover how to truly love your neighbor as yourself.

Tilly Dillehay

Tilly Dillehay

...holds a degree in journalism from Lipscomb University. In the past, she has been the editor of a weekly newspaper and of a lifestyle magazine, and now she serves as homemaker and mother to two little girls. She writes at and contributes occasionally to The Gospel Coalition. She is the host of The Green Workshop, an event for women on the subject of envy that is held at local churches. Tilly's husband, Justin, is a pastor in the small town east of Nashville where the family resides.