Open Children’s Eyes and Hearts
to the World Around Them


Even Me follows kid sisters Bella and Arie on their mission trip to Africa as they prepare for their long journey, travel to their faraway destination, meet and serve the people of Uganda, and share the spiritual lessons the Lord taught them along the way.

Your child will…

  • Experience a new culture and see what a short-term mission trip looks like, from fundraising to doing service projects to sharing about Jesus.
  • Learn that regardless of culture, class, or color, all people are made in God’s image and loved equally by Him.
  • Discover that God can use anyone, even young children, to accomplish great things.

Use this creatively written and beautifully illustrated book to spark meaningful conversations about God’s purpose and plan for your child’s life.

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From One Parent to Another…


As we have traveled and ministered around the world, our family has had many opportunities to be in situations where we were cultural and religious minorities. When I first took my kids into these situations, I thought deeply about the effect it would have on them. How could I encourage them not to be influenced by the things they saw around them and not to conform to them, but instead to be the ones to bring change, even at a very young age?

I hope and pray as you read this to your children, it will spark thoughts of where they see themselves in this story.

What countries do they dream about visiting?
Whom might the Lord give them a burden to reach out to?
What words will they pray as they seek the Lord’s heart?

How incredible it will be when they realize God has a wonderful plan and purpose for their lives. I hope this book, as simple as it is, will inspire new conversations and prayers in your home.

Until every heart is aglow,

Adrienne “Adie” Camp


Adrienne "Adie" Camp, a South African singer and songwriter, was the lead singer of the Christian pop rock band the Benjamin Gate before launching her solo career. She is married to fellow musician Jeremy Camp. She and Jeremy have two daughters, Isabella and Arianne, and one son, Egan.

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